Saturday, August 3, 2013

Photo Challenge: Fork

I asked Facebook friends to give me a photo challenge: a small item you'd find in most any home.  Once a subject was chosen, my challenge was to photograph that item in several different ways.  Out of about twenty suggestions, two friends said "Fork" and that was the only item mentioned twice. After I decided to accept that challenge, I realized how difficult this was going to be!  Really ... how many ways can you photograph a fork?

So, instead of being serious, I decided to have some fun! ☺

Farmer Fork

Fork Football Fans

Forlorn Fork

Fork Friends

Fork Fun

Thanks to Traci and Ramona for suggesting the fork! ☺


  1. Marianne
    I like the fork friends, maybe if you had a light off to one side to cast some shadows, for a little different effect.

    Good job.

    Joanne (with Jade and Quinn)

  2. What a fantastic way to have fun photographing FORKS!!! Have to say that I love the Farmer Fork! ;)

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