Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Santa's Helpers ... or not!

Thinking it would be easy to take photos of dogs in Santa hats, I gathered the head gear, camera, and dogs ... and then headed outside.  Little did I know this would be a two-day event!  Let's face it:  my Boxers are not in the holiday spirit. ☺

I soon realized I needed salmon cookie treats to bribe Dempsey, my grand-dog.  That was working until Paris-Ivy decided she had to get in the act.
 Ivy wanted to make sure there were no salmon cookie crumbs on Dempsey's muzzle, don't ya know!

But we prevailed ... and here is Santa Dempsey!

Next up:  my grand-dog, Josie.  She wasn't having any of this.  None. Of. It.  I only got one decent photo of Santa Josie ... and this is it.

By this time, I was getting really tired of Santa hats (and so were the dogs).  I decided to try something different!  Let's put Ivy in some reindeer antlers ... brilliant, right?
This is not exactly what I'd call enthusiasm from Reindeer Ivy!  ☺

One last chance for a great holiday photo ... Santa Olly, you're up!
I have to tell you ... when Olly's flews are puffed out a little (just like in the photo), that means he's ready to complain about something.  LOL!  

While my models were not exactly filled with holiday spirit ... we still wish you a glorious Season and a super New Year!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Olly and the Wall

Olly takes his job of home guard seriously - very seriously.  And that includes the alley behind our home.  If someone just walks down the alley, no problem.  But if someone is messing around in the alley, Olly doesn't like it one bit.

Yes, someone is hanging around the alley and Olly is going to let him know that is NOT okay.  Notice his hackles are up as he gets ready to scale the 6-foot block wall.

Yes, this is truly happening ... Olly is doing his vertical leap.

Almost there ....

Notice the focus ... Olly found the intruder and is giving him instructions to leave - now.  

Keep in mind ... Olly is 9 1/2 years old.  He has absolutely no problem scaling that wall and he's been doing it for years.  He does NOT know that he could pull himself right on over and I want to make sure he never learns that.  Fortunately, when his "guard bark" starts, I know something is going on and can run outside and call him down.  One of these days, I hope to see the face of whoever might be in the alley.  :)

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Pop-Art ... Paris-Ivy!

I remember an elementary teacher making me re-do a coloring project.  Why?  Because my horse was blue and "horses aren't blue."  I wonder what she would think if she saw THIS!  LOL!

I went to a Brush Party in downtown Phoenix with a friend.  The theme:  Pop-Art Your Pet.  So I decided to give Paris-Ivy the pop-art treatment.  Here are some photos to document the experience.

I had to email a high quality photo to the instructor who then put the lines you see on a 16x20 canvas.

 The first step was to outline the outside edges of the drawing.  And then ... use a light gray color to act as a primer for the background.  This was acrylic paint so it dried quickly.

I then painted the other lines before moving to the next step:  the background.  For Ivy's pop-art, I used a lavender background.

Yes, indeed ... a green Boxer!  Painting in the main color was first, followed by any accent colors.  You'll notice that Ivy's black eyebrow is now purple.  Whoa!  My elementary teacher would probably blow a gasket!  But what's the point in doing a pop-art piece if you make it real?

Add a few accents to the background, a "signature," and it's done!

Pop-Art ... Paris-Ivy!

Now I have to find a frame.  :)  This little project took three hours and we got to bring some wine/beer and snacks with us.  It's a lot of fun and these outfits are all over the country ... find one and give it a try!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Happy Birthday, Olly!!

Today, HarpoJacquet's MrOllivander CD RN CGC (known to his friends as Olly) is NINE years old!  Olly shares his birthday with littermates Hermione, Ally, Harry Potter, and Willow.  Sadly, Harry Potter and Ally are no longer with us so we celebrate their extraordinary lives, knowing they are forever in the hearts of many.

Olly went to Ivy's competition obedience class where we had a PARTY and he wants to share the event with you. ☺

Here is the birthday boy!

Getting ready!  Party hats, party favors and then, of course, there's champagne, cookies and nuts for the humans!

Getting Ivy to wear her party hat was a monumental task, but Debby bravely took on the challenge.  Olly and Jill are quite interested in the proceedings.

Finally!!  She IS more excited than she looks.

Olly is dressed and ready for the group photo!

Party-goers look pretty spiffy, don't they?  Ivy, Olly, Jill and Fred.

Now that the official party photo has been taken, Jill wants a treat ... or something!

Play time for Jack, Ivy and Fred!

Ivy fell in love with Jack and worked her little tail off trying to get his attention.  He, however, was not interested in her version of puppy love. 

Each dog got a party favor ... a moo tugger decorated in blue ribbon.  Jack and Jill show how to play with it!

While the dogs played, the humans toasted Olly with some champagne!

The birthday boy took a celebratory high jump in fine style.

And then he decided to do the retrieve over the high jump!  Good boy!

Fred and his mom gave Olly a nice present.

Wow!  A cool toy!!!

Ivy got a toy, too.

What a fun birthday party for a very special guy!