Friday, November 29, 2013

White Tornado Rumble Cake

Yes, indeed ... it's an adventure when Dempsey and Josie come to visit the Watkins Pack!  Here are a few photos to show what happened the day after Thanksgiving when the three White Boxers hit the backyard before breakfast ... it's a recipe for fun!

Start with sweet, little Josie ...  [ahem]

Add a little Dempsey Dawg.

And finally, throw in a pinch of Paris-Ivy.

Stir well and it's a White Tornado Rumble Cake!

Please do NOT feel sorry for sweet, little Josie - she encourages this abuse!

This is what my backyard looks like almost every waking moment when the White Tornadoes are together.

They will sleep tonight ... maybe.  ☺

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Barrel of monkeys!

I spent some time with the moneys!  Their antics are fun to watch as they scurry and climb in and around trees and bushes.  Here are just a few of my new friends, most of which are Spider Monkeys.

This little guy sure has his eye on something!

In and out of the palm fronds ...

Strawberries are pretty tasty!

Just hangin' around and it doesn't matter whether it's upside down or not!

When there's no strawberry, a leaf will do.

A moment later she was leaping to a higher branch.

Okay ... this guy isn't a Spider Monkey, but he IS a relative. ☺

I found myself smiling ... a barrel of monkeys will do that every time.