Friday, August 9, 2013

Encanto Park Walkabout - Part I

Encanto Park in central Phoenix is a delight for all ages ... ponds, little canals, foliage, ducks, geese, amusement rides for the children, a golf course, soccer fields, tennis courts, boat rental.  It has something for everyone.  I spent a couple hours with Jerry, my photography mentor, and another photo buff who is learning the craft.  Fun, fun, fun! 

Here are a few photos I took during our walkabout.  More coming up in a few days. ☺

There are several bridges as the canal winds through the park.

This winged horse is located at the entrance of the amusement rides.

Oops!  This duck seems to have crashed a pigeon party!

Palm trees in Phoenix ... okay, what did you expect? ☺

There are several islands in the pond.

These youngsters' grandmother brought them to the park to watch the ducks.

There are several mini-waterfalls to enjoy.

Evidently these two pigeons rule the roost ... at least on this rock.

This is Kiona, a 5-month-old German Shepherd.  What a cutie!

This was a fun morning!  Coming up soon ... more photos from Encanto Park, especially the feathered friends I met today.

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