Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Paris-Ivy and Sneaky Pete

Amazing ... a relatively cool, cloudy morning in Phoenix in August!!!  But when it happens, you take advantage of it ... especially when Paris-Ivy wants to play.

I brought out an old toy.  His name is Sneaky Pete and he's a favorite around our house.  Olly wasn't in a playing mood, but Paris-Ivy sure was!

Ivy knows that if she stares at Sneaky Pete long enough, I'll give him a throw.

Sneaky Pete doesn't seem to mind the run around the yard.

Okay ... maybe that's wrong.  His eyeballs are bulging!

Ivy is one determined Boxer girlie.

In fact ... take at look at the closeup.  Her expression: "He's all MINE and don't you forget it!"

I love watching my dogs play.  Maybe we should all learn to play with such unadulterated joy. ☺


  1. GREAT pictures Maryann!! Love Paris Ivy's expressions with her toy!!

    Jessie, Zoe, & Caddie in MI


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