Monday, May 8, 2017

Sully - 8 months old!

It was not long ago that Sully was in a vet hospital fighting to live.  I nearly lost him and, because of that experience, I make a point of celebrating each milestone.  Today, we celebrate that he's 8 months old!  When he was so sick, he lost a little over 20% of his body weight and recovery took a long time.  But now he weighs 49 pounds and is gaining muscle every day.  Take a look!

Here's Sully guarding against a sparrow sitting on top of the block wall.  Or maybe it's a blade of grass ... who knows!  Whatever it is, he is ready to protect his territory!

And then there's the back gate.  There MUST be something on the other side.  Sully will end up going to the little peep hole you see in the gate; that was put there by Major, my first Boxer.  Every Boxer since then - Jager, Gwennie, Esa, Olly, Ivy and Sully - has used that peep hole to see what's in the alley.

Sully is a very vocal Boxer.  He talks when he runs, when he's hungry, when he's playing ... even when he sleeps!

After a tough and exhausting time of guarding the backyard, it's time for a brief rest.  And, trust me, his times of rest ARE brief.  LOL!

Winmere Bare Knuckle - Sully
May 9, 2017
8 months old

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sully meets Spot

Sully has a new toy.  Actually, Spot isn't new at all ... he's a snake that Ivy left for Sully.  Here are just a few shots of their first adventure together ...

Hi!  Meet Spot!  He's a nifty green and blue snake with spots.  That's why Ivy named him Spot.  I'm not sure I like his name, but he likes it and that's what matters.

 And away we go!!  Be brave Spot ... be brave!

 Sometimes you just gotta look mean if you want to play like a snake tamer.

Thanks, Ivy ... I miss you, but you left me a real neat buddy.  Spot and I are already good friends!