Sunday, August 11, 2013

Encanto Park Walkabout - Feathered Friends

Who knew shooting ducks could be so much fun!  Of course ... that's shooting with a camera. ☺  During my recent walkabout at Encanto Park in central Phoenix, I saw lots of geese, ducks and other birds because of the canal that winds through the park.  Here are just a few photos I took of my new feathered friends.

The geese are checking things out.  And they can be pretty snippy if you get too close.

Lone duck in a pile of pigeons!

This duck poses for his portrait before heading to the water.

And here he is out for a leisurely swim.

A little time out to cool their feet.

Beautifully marked duck in mesmerizing water.

I could sit for hours and watch the birds.  In fact, I just might go back and do just that! ☺

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  1. Those are all great photos. I really like the duck who gave you the "eye" and "posed" for you. I have never seen one with a tuft on top before.


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