Monday, August 19, 2013

White Tornadoes together again!

Today is World Photography Day and everyone is supposed to bring out the camera and shoot!  Since my grand-dogs, Dempsey and Josie, are here, the Boxers seemed like perfect subjects.  And, as usual, the two girlies saw most of the action. ☺

Paris-Ivy has an old stuffed shoe that she loves to play with, and she'll do anything to keep it from Josie.

It seems even Dempsey wants the old shoe!

I think this game is called, "Get Dempsey NOW."

Yes, Paris-Ivy will go to any lengths to hang on to her shoe. ☺

And it seems Josie won't give up!!

Another toy, Ivy will gladly share ... sort of.  Go figure!  LOL!

So ... what did YOU shoot on World Photography Day? ☺

Thursday, August 15, 2013


What a treat!  I finally got to visit Butterfly Wonderland in Scottsdale!  It has the conservatory where you commune with the butterflies, a 3D theater where you can see a movie about the emergence of the butterfly, a live ant colony, the honey bee demonstration, and several aquariums.

This is the first time I've photographed butterflies.  Here are some of the images.

This shot was taken at the emergence gallery - you can watch the butterflies emerge.

Looking at a butterfly identification chart, this looks like a Clipper.

I can't identify this one so if you can, please let me know.

Here's another one I can't identify but I loved the colors!

Malay Cruiser ...

Again ... I love the colors!

This guy - along with his brothers and sisters - were fun to photograph:  they posed!

Blue Morpho ... the other side of the wings are brown!

This is the same butterfly you saw before, but the colors are slightly different.

I tried several times to get a butterfly in flight ... but those little guys are pretty FAST! ☺

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Encanto Park Walkabout - Feathered Friends

Who knew shooting ducks could be so much fun!  Of course ... that's shooting with a camera. ☺  During my recent walkabout at Encanto Park in central Phoenix, I saw lots of geese, ducks and other birds because of the canal that winds through the park.  Here are just a few photos I took of my new feathered friends.

The geese are checking things out.  And they can be pretty snippy if you get too close.

Lone duck in a pile of pigeons!

This duck poses for his portrait before heading to the water.

And here he is out for a leisurely swim.

A little time out to cool their feet.

Beautifully marked duck in mesmerizing water.

I could sit for hours and watch the birds.  In fact, I just might go back and do just that! ☺

Friday, August 9, 2013

Encanto Park Walkabout - Part I

Encanto Park in central Phoenix is a delight for all ages ... ponds, little canals, foliage, ducks, geese, amusement rides for the children, a golf course, soccer fields, tennis courts, boat rental.  It has something for everyone.  I spent a couple hours with Jerry, my photography mentor, and another photo buff who is learning the craft.  Fun, fun, fun! 

Here are a few photos I took during our walkabout.  More coming up in a few days. ☺

There are several bridges as the canal winds through the park.

This winged horse is located at the entrance of the amusement rides.

Oops!  This duck seems to have crashed a pigeon party!

Palm trees in Phoenix ... okay, what did you expect? ☺

There are several islands in the pond.

These youngsters' grandmother brought them to the park to watch the ducks.

There are several mini-waterfalls to enjoy.

Evidently these two pigeons rule the roost ... at least on this rock.

This is Kiona, a 5-month-old German Shepherd.  What a cutie!

This was a fun morning!  Coming up soon ... more photos from Encanto Park, especially the feathered friends I met today.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Paris-Ivy and Sneaky Pete

Amazing ... a relatively cool, cloudy morning in Phoenix in August!!!  But when it happens, you take advantage of it ... especially when Paris-Ivy wants to play.

I brought out an old toy.  His name is Sneaky Pete and he's a favorite around our house.  Olly wasn't in a playing mood, but Paris-Ivy sure was!

Ivy knows that if she stares at Sneaky Pete long enough, I'll give him a throw.

Sneaky Pete doesn't seem to mind the run around the yard.

Okay ... maybe that's wrong.  His eyeballs are bulging!

Ivy is one determined Boxer girlie.

In fact ... take at look at the closeup.  Her expression: "He's all MINE and don't you forget it!"

I love watching my dogs play.  Maybe we should all learn to play with such unadulterated joy. ☺

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Photo Challenge: Fork

I asked Facebook friends to give me a photo challenge: a small item you'd find in most any home.  Once a subject was chosen, my challenge was to photograph that item in several different ways.  Out of about twenty suggestions, two friends said "Fork" and that was the only item mentioned twice. After I decided to accept that challenge, I realized how difficult this was going to be!  Really ... how many ways can you photograph a fork?

So, instead of being serious, I decided to have some fun! ☺

Farmer Fork

Fork Football Fans

Forlorn Fork

Fork Friends

Fork Fun

Thanks to Traci and Ramona for suggesting the fork! ☺