Thursday, June 1, 2017

Sully's Rattlesnake Aversion Training!

While Sully lives in Central Phoenix, I had to remember that snakes - rattlesnakes - can certainly make their way to the inner city.  Garages, backyards, gardens, and even in the house.   I wanted to make sure that Sully went through rattlesnake aversion training and I did my research.  What kind of training methods were used?  Snakes in cages? Dead snakes? Live snakes? My competition obedience instructor also did some research and she recommended RattlesnakeReady.

Cody Will trains snake aversion using sight recognition, scent recognition and sound recognition.  And he uses live snakes that are not in cages.  Cody maintains a good collection of snakes and since their fangs have not been removed, he "muzzles" them with surgical tape.  The snakes are well cared for and they are given frequent days off.

I wanted photos of Sully's training, but I also wanted to make sure I learned his behavior.  You have to read your dog's behavior, so the photos aren't great, but they will give you an idea of what the training was all about.

Cody arrives bright and early for Sully's training.  He came to my home since that's probably where we would run into snakes.  He will also go to other places, depending on what you do with your dogs.

Out come the rattlesnakes, the snakeskin, the rattleblind and the e-collar.  Yes, he uses an electric shock collar but uses it only in the strength he needs for the individual dog being trained.  He starts off very, very light and ups the shock only if necessary.

The training starts with Junior,  a juvenile Great Basin rattlesnake.  Sully, of course, wanted to get up close and personal and he was allowed to do that.  As soon as he got way too close, Cody gave him a static correction with the e-collar.  It didn't hurt him, but he jumped several feet off the ground!  His lesson:  the snake is really not a fun toy after all.

Cody moved Junior several times and Sully needed only one other correction.  After that, my pup wasn't having any of it!  He saw the rattlesnake each time and ran right to me.

Next up:  snakeskin.  This is for scent recognition.  Again, Sully went right up to it (please note: he's not on leash through any of this).  Cody let him get a good whiff and then gave a static correction.

Sully doesn't associate the small shock with Cody or me.  He associates it with the snake - and the scent.  So ... let's put him to a real test ...

Cody moved the snakeskin to an area on the side of my house (encircled in red).  I was on the other side and gave the recall command.

Sully DID come to me on the recall ... GOOD BOY! ... but he made sure to avoid the snakeskin and took the long way around.

Up next:  sound recognition. Cody's "rattleblind" is audio equipment with large and small rattlesnake sound recordings and he hides it from the dog.  Keep in mind: Sully has already heard Junior's tail rattling.

This is Sully's reaction after the small rattlesnake sound ... he knew exactly what it was and didn't even want to go near.  Same thing for the big snake sound.

And now it's time to bring out the big boy.  Apache is a very large Western Diamondback rattlesnake.  Cody placed him in several areas of the backyard, on the porch, grass, concrete, foot rug ...  and Sully stayed clear at each and every location!

Again, the recall.  Sully came to me, but made a huge circle around Apache who was hiding in the grass (the snake is actually out of the photo on the left side).  No way he was getting anywhere close - and you notice how he crouched down; it was as if he wanted to make sure the snake didn't see him.   Several times during the training, Sully ran to the back door to get away from the snakes so ... Cody put Apache right at the door and I acted like I was going in.  Nope - as soon as he got a glimpse of the rattler, he refused to come any closer and he backed off.  At this point, Sully started talking to me ... I'm sure he was telling me to move away from the snake.  :)

Sully's rattlesnake aversion training was complete after just 30 minutes.  In 6 months, we'll do a test to see if he's retained what he learned.  I was impressed with the training and with Cody.  He answered questions, explained the training, and he handles the dogs and snakes with care.  The hood of his vehicle caught my attention ... the head of a snake.  :)

Monday, May 8, 2017

Sully - 8 months old!

It was not long ago that Sully was in a vet hospital fighting to live.  I nearly lost him and, because of that experience, I make a point of celebrating each milestone.  Today, we celebrate that he's 8 months old!  When he was so sick, he lost a little over 20% of his body weight and recovery took a long time.  But now he weighs 49 pounds and is gaining muscle every day.  Take a look!

Here's Sully guarding against a sparrow sitting on top of the block wall.  Or maybe it's a blade of grass ... who knows!  Whatever it is, he is ready to protect his territory!

And then there's the back gate.  There MUST be something on the other side.  Sully will end up going to the little peep hole you see in the gate; that was put there by Major, my first Boxer.  Every Boxer since then - Jager, Gwennie, Esa, Olly, Ivy and Sully - has used that peep hole to see what's in the alley.

Sully is a very vocal Boxer.  He talks when he runs, when he's hungry, when he's playing ... even when he sleeps!

After a tough and exhausting time of guarding the backyard, it's time for a brief rest.  And, trust me, his times of rest ARE brief.  LOL!

Winmere Bare Knuckle - Sully
May 9, 2017
8 months old

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sully meets Spot

Sully has a new toy.  Actually, Spot isn't new at all ... he's a snake that Ivy left for Sully.  Here are just a few shots of their first adventure together ...

Hi!  Meet Spot!  He's a nifty green and blue snake with spots.  That's why Ivy named him Spot.  I'm not sure I like his name, but he likes it and that's what matters.

 And away we go!!  Be brave Spot ... be brave!

 Sometimes you just gotta look mean if you want to play like a snake tamer.

Thanks, Ivy ... I miss you, but you left me a real neat buddy.  Spot and I are already good friends!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Introducing ....

Paris-Ivy and I would like to introduce

Winmere Bare Knuckle

His call name is Sully and - before you ask - he is named after a famous American boxer of the late 1800s who was the last man to win the  world heavyweight bare knuckle championship ... and the first to win the world heavyweight gloved championship.  Just for kicks, you can learn more about John L. Sullivan by clicking here. My son, Callan, suggested his name and I loved it!  

My thanks to Theresa Garton (Winmere Boxers) for trusting me with one of her precious pups.  I actually met Sully's sire at the American Boxer Club national show when he was just a pup! Who knew that several years later, one of his babies would be mine!

On Nov. 18 I, along with Callan and his girlfriend, Teryl, went to Oklahoma City to pick Sully up and start the long drive back to Phoenix.  Here are some photos from the trip.

Here's the little guy ... all by himself in the whelping pen.  His littermates were already gone so he was ready for some new company.  

Sully and his mother, Josie, take one last romp around Theresa's big backyard.

Callan is inspecting Sully's feet and is predicting he will be a BIG Boxer boy!

Theresa and Josie give the little guy one last hug and kiss before he starts his new life adventure!

Yes, no doubt about it:  Sully belongs with me.  😊

Two super cute redheads ... Sully and Teryl!

Sully was a great traveler ... even in the motel.  He's not too sure about the whole thing, but he just rolls with the punches.

 This was supposed to be a good night kiss. 😁

Teryl gets early morning potty duty in Albuquerque before we start the last leg of the journey home to Phoenix.

First meeting between Ivy and Sully.  Sully had NO fear and went right up to Ivy and whacked her on the shoulder!  He's also wearing his very own Denver Broncos collar!

"Mom ... Ivy's pickin' on me!"

Ivy decided she needs to teach the little snert a thing or two ... like how to play tug.  

Yes, Ivy teases him with the toys and then lets him have it ...

... and he parades around with the toy, very proud of himself.  He hasn't yet figured out that if Ivy didn't want him to have the toy, he wouldn't get it. 😄

Here is one attempt at a Thanksgiving Day portrait ... it was less than successful.

But I finally settled on this one.

Sully is now 12 weeks old, growing like crazy, and has already had a private competition obedience class.  He has a wonderful temperament.  Ivy and I decided he's a keeper for sure!  💗