Thursday, August 15, 2013


What a treat!  I finally got to visit Butterfly Wonderland in Scottsdale!  It has the conservatory where you commune with the butterflies, a 3D theater where you can see a movie about the emergence of the butterfly, a live ant colony, the honey bee demonstration, and several aquariums.

This is the first time I've photographed butterflies.  Here are some of the images.

This shot was taken at the emergence gallery - you can watch the butterflies emerge.

Looking at a butterfly identification chart, this looks like a Clipper.

I can't identify this one so if you can, please let me know.

Here's another one I can't identify but I loved the colors!

Malay Cruiser ...

Again ... I love the colors!

This guy - along with his brothers and sisters - were fun to photograph:  they posed!

Blue Morpho ... the other side of the wings are brown!

This is the same butterfly you saw before, but the colors are slightly different.

I tried several times to get a butterfly in flight ... but those little guys are pretty FAST! ☺


  1. These pictures are GREAT! I've been dying to go out to the Butterfly place; I plan on doing that soon.

  2. Love the second one from the top, positioned very well in the photo.

  3. I love the second one from the top. Positioned very nicely in the photo. I have found with butterflies to not just take photos from the top but from different angles. Take lots and one of them is bound to be decent.

  4. These are much healthier than at the Butterfly Exhibit at Desert Botanical Gardens. I think I will go there next week to give me a break from moving.

  5. Beautiful! These are much healthier than any at the butterfly exhibit at Desert Botanical Gardens. I think I will go there next week for a break in moving.


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