Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Art of Fish

Fish are beautiful as they are and I love to photograph them.  But I also love to play with the images and the resulting "artsy fish."  Here are a few so you can develop a new and different perspective on these creatures of the water.  :)

The School

Golden Boy

The Dive

Purple Haze




Water Wings




Salient Green


Dobber Blue

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Andy visits the desert!

My good friend, Andy Waterhouse, made it across the pond from the U.K. for a conference in San Diego and then made a stop in Phoenix!  Andy is a long-time member of the Boxer Mailing List and we first met in person in 2006 when my son and I visited London and Normandy, France.  These photos show a bit of Andy's brief stay in the desert.

First stop after arriving at Sky Harbor International Airport ... a high school football game!  My son, Callan, coaches varsity football for Valley Vista High School and Andy became an instant American football aficionado.  This is a pre-game shot.

After the game, Callan's victorious defensive linemen adopted Andy!

Then it was home to meet the Boxers!  Andy has two Boxers - Timmy and Ben - so he was looking forward to meeting Olly and Paris-Ivy.  Surprise! My grand-dogs, Dempsey and Josie,  were visiting so Andy got a Boxer greeting x 4!  Olly, Ivy and Dempsey all want to give him kisses! Or maybe they want to kiss the Boxer on his shirt!

Yes, it's clear Andy is a Boxer person ... Olly, Josie and Dempsey know that for sure!

Josie tries the over-the-top strategy to get Andy's attention.  :)

After a night's sleep (all four Boxers slept with Andy), everybody had some play time outside.  Ivy is intent on getting that toy!

Around and through!  Paris-Ivy is up for all challenges.

Four Boxers in one yard ... there's always something going on.

Olly is almost 9 years old, but he's still a very energetic, athletic Boxer ... and it's clear he loves playing with Andy!

Andy leads the parade followed by Olly, Ivy, Dempsey and Josie.

Almost time to head to the airport ... but first, Andy shows off his Boxer whisperer skills.  All four Boxers. Quiet. Calm. Relaxed.  I'm sure his long-time experience as a Specialist Trainer with Bark Busters in London helped.

And then, all too soon, Andy's visit came to an end.  Back to the airport to begin the next leg of his journey to Trinidad to visit friends there.  When I got back from the airport, the dogs couldn't believe Andy wasn't with me!  And they even searched for him the next day.

Come back across the pond again soon, Andy!  We really enjoyed your visit - and we miss you!