Saturday, March 22, 2014

Paris-Ivy's Spa Day!

It's Paris-Ivy's birthday!  She's four years old today and I thought a spa day would be nice: bath, new toy, and some treats.  So ... we loaded up and headed to Smelly Dog, a place where I could leave her for grooming or do a self-wash.  Smelly Dog also has a doggie boutique with lots of toys and home-baked treats.  I sure wasn't going to hand Paris-Ivy over to someone else on her birthday, so I did the wash - and tried to take photos at the same time.  This was her first trip to Smelly Dog and she was not overly thrilled.☺

Hmmm ... not too sure about this hydraulic wash tub!

"Okay, so I'm all wet.  Now what?"

This face says it all ...

"I refuse.  I absolutely refuse to wear this in public!"

Ivy is liking this a lot better ... she gets to choose a new toy!  A store clerk suggested the ball but (with Mom's help) she chose a heavy-duty Kong Wubba.

Aha!  This is more like it!  TREATS!  She liked the Mac 'n Cheese cookies the best so that's what she got - and she will share with Olly.

Happy birthday, Paris-Ivy!  Maybe next year, we'll go right to the toys and treats and skip the spa.  ☺