Saturday, June 15, 2013

Playing with Lightroom ...

Lightroom is a software program that is used to process photographs once they come out of the digital camera.  Today, I attended a Lightroom workshop and, having never used the program before, I was lost in the first ten minutes!  

I now have a new vocabulary to learn and it's clear the only way to really get a handle on  Lightroom is to get in there and experiment.  These images are the result of my first experimentation.  I took some old color photos, turned them into black and white, and then played with some of the bells and whistles. ☺

Shadows can really bring some drama to an image.

White doesn't always have to be white!

I pushed some button by accident and got this - and I like it!

Same flower but a different presentation.

Who knew black and white photos could be so not black and white?

I might be spending a lot of time in Lightroom ... this is a great deal of fun! ☺

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