Sunday, June 30, 2013

At the hair salon ...

So who takes a camera to the hair salon?  I did!  And why not?  It gave me an opportunity to take photos of people and things.  Here is just a small collection.  And, yes, I asked for permission to take the photos and put them on this blog. ☺

This beautiful stylist is putting some BLING in a young girl's hair.  In fact, she put BLING in my hair not long ago.

And now you can see the BLING.  It's fun!

I think BLING fits this girl ... kind of matches her flip-flops. ☺

Ready for a mani or pedi?  She's ready for you!

Flowers in the mirror at my stylist's station.

We always feel better after a morning at the hair salon.

All Nighter Hair Spray?  Can you caption this?

Some people look great in a hat as this stylist does.  It sets off her beautiful face and eyes.  Me in a hat?  Uh ... not so much.

In fact, I liked her style and hat so much ... why not another view?

The next time you're in the hair salon, look around ... you might "see" things you've never really noticed before. ☺

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