Friday, June 21, 2013

Palm Tree Madness ...

I'm going off the deep end, that is for sure.  I can't imagine many people going to the backyard to take photos of a palm tree that's half dead.  But, what the heck ... just keep shooting and playing and maybe I'll learn something!

Today was just for play.  I shot the images and then, in Lightroom, played with all the settings to see what would happen.  I worked with the original images and then turned them into black and white and added some different colors.  So, here are the original images, followed by the artsy-fartsy versions.  ☺

 Okay, this shows highlights and shadows.

What what would the same photo look like when you turn the highlights into aqua?

I actually like this photo of a new palm shoot, seemingly growing out of nowhere.  And I like the colors for sure.

But changing the entire hue? ... not sure my eyes are ready for this. ☺

Palm trees are so interesting because of the little threads that pop out of the fronds.

And they are even more interesting when you jazz them up a bit.

No, I won't be entering these images in any contests, but they sure gave me some practice using Clyde (my camera) and my photo processing software!


  1. I love the use of color to change the image! I could definitely imagine it being transferred to a canvas print and hung up in a room!

    Judy Humphrey

  2. WoW ~ I love the aqua highlights!!


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