Thursday, July 4, 2013

Black and white - with color!

I'm putting desert shrubs in my front yard ... and vines on a trellis on one side of my carport.  I have rock in the yard but wanted some color!  Of course, I wanted to play with my camera and practice with Lightroom, too.  This time I concentrated on working with "saturation" ... I removed all color except that which I wanted.  You end up with a black and white photo - with color!  

I started with some tools being used for the front yard project ... I kept only the red and yellow hues.

This is an oleander and I love the pink!  The pink will be mixed with white oleanders along an ugly gray block wall.  Won't be ugly for long! ☺

This desert plant is called a Fairy Duster.  The shrub will become very bushy and filled with these fun red blossoms.

A row of Duranta forms a hedge along the front wall of my home.  The small flowers are gorgeous purple.

These bell-shaped flowers are on a Bower Vine.  I'm hoping they will attract hummingbirds like they're supposed to. The Bower Vines are mixed with Tacoma Vines (Solar Flare and Crimson Flare) on the trellis.

I picked the plants but someone else did all the work.  Now let's see if I can keep it all alive and thriving! ☺

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  1. WoW FABULOUS!! I love the black & white with 1 color for the flowers .... that's CLASSY!


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