Thursday, January 8, 2015

Happy Birthday, Olly!!

Today, HarpoJacquet's MrOllivander CD RN CGC (known to his friends as Olly) is NINE years old!  Olly shares his birthday with littermates Hermione, Ally, Harry Potter, and Willow.  Sadly, Harry Potter and Ally are no longer with us so we celebrate their extraordinary lives, knowing they are forever in the hearts of many.

Olly went to Ivy's competition obedience class where we had a PARTY and he wants to share the event with you. ☺

Here is the birthday boy!

Getting ready!  Party hats, party favors and then, of course, there's champagne, cookies and nuts for the humans!

Getting Ivy to wear her party hat was a monumental task, but Debby bravely took on the challenge.  Olly and Jill are quite interested in the proceedings.

Finally!!  She IS more excited than she looks.

Olly is dressed and ready for the group photo!

Party-goers look pretty spiffy, don't they?  Ivy, Olly, Jill and Fred.

Now that the official party photo has been taken, Jill wants a treat ... or something!

Play time for Jack, Ivy and Fred!

Ivy fell in love with Jack and worked her little tail off trying to get his attention.  He, however, was not interested in her version of puppy love. 

Each dog got a party favor ... a moo tugger decorated in blue ribbon.  Jack and Jill show how to play with it!

While the dogs played, the humans toasted Olly with some champagne!

The birthday boy took a celebratory high jump in fine style.

And then he decided to do the retrieve over the high jump!  Good boy!

Fred and his mom gave Olly a nice present.

Wow!  A cool toy!!!

Ivy got a toy, too.

What a fun birthday party for a very special guy!  



  1. Happy Birthday Olly dog! What a fun looking party.

  2. happy birthday to Olly what a wonderful time they must of had
    I love that kind of party

  3. what a wonderful time they must of had
    sounds like my kind of party
    Happy birthday to Olly from me and happy birthday to youuuuuuuu from Rubin

  4. happy birthday to Olly from m and happy birthday to youuuuuuuu from Rubin

  5. Looks like a great party. Happy birthday, Olly!

  6. HAPPY Birthday Olly!! Totally enjoyed the pictures!! :-)

  7. Happy Birthday to Olly!!!! What a handsome boy he is!!!

  8. Happy Birthday Olly. And congratulations Maryann. The moo tuggers - Timmy and Ben love theirs, and they are really wobbly and flexible, but so tough that they don't get damaged and can be played with safely long term. What a great find! Thanks for those Maryann.

  9. Happy Birthday Olly!! Looks like you had a very wonderful party!! May you have many, many parties in your future!!

    Jessie, Zoe, and Caddie in very cold MI

  10. Happy Birthday Olly boy! Still as handsome and athletic as ever. Thanks for including us in the party.
    Traci, Jack, and Jill

  11. That Paris-Ivy! I nearly spewed a mouthful of water on my keyboard when I saw her 'excited' picture!
    I sent Olly a birthday greeting on facebook, But I send another here. Happy Birthday Olly!!

  12. What a fun party! Love the pics!

  13. It looks like a lot of fun was had by all. Happy happy Birthday Olly, may you have many, many morr.


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