Monday, June 8, 2015

Olly and the Wall

Olly takes his job of home guard seriously - very seriously.  And that includes the alley behind our home.  If someone just walks down the alley, no problem.  But if someone is messing around in the alley, Olly doesn't like it one bit.

Yes, someone is hanging around the alley and Olly is going to let him know that is NOT okay.  Notice his hackles are up as he gets ready to scale the 6-foot block wall.

Yes, this is truly happening ... Olly is doing his vertical leap.

Almost there ....

Notice the focus ... Olly found the intruder and is giving him instructions to leave - now.  

Keep in mind ... Olly is 9 1/2 years old.  He has absolutely no problem scaling that wall and he's been doing it for years.  He does NOT know that he could pull himself right on over and I want to make sure he never learns that.  Fortunately, when his "guard bark" starts, I know something is going on and can run outside and call him down.  One of these days, I hope to see the face of whoever might be in the alley.  :)


  1. Wow Olly, very impressive!! Hope you don't learn to jump over the wall. Bet whoever was on the other side of the wall was very scared - wonder if they walked or ran away ;)

    Jessie, Zoe, and Caddie in Michigan
    p.s. Zoe was a 4 foot fence jumper when she was younger, but we fixed that lol

  2. It's wonderful that he is so agile at his age but what the drop might do to him if he succeeded in actually going over the wall would scare me. The person in the ally propably looks at that possibility a different way, though. Pauline

  3. Dear Olly, your mom and mine would both get a good laugh seeing the "guilty" party on the other side of the fence!!! Bet they don't linger because they are sure you are coming over in a second.
    Take care and don't do this too often, it is hard on us older gentlemen, but we sure do a good job of scaring the bejabbers out of potential criminals. I go up high enough to look them in the eye, so about 6', but I don't have a nice "grippy" surface, I just can go straight up.
    Zito in WestOR, obediently typed by the Scribe, Donna

  4. Good Boy Olly. Keeping Mom and your pack safe from intruders.


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