Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Santa's Helpers ... or not!

Thinking it would be easy to take photos of dogs in Santa hats, I gathered the head gear, camera, and dogs ... and then headed outside.  Little did I know this would be a two-day event!  Let's face it:  my Boxers are not in the holiday spirit. ☺

I soon realized I needed salmon cookie treats to bribe Dempsey, my grand-dog.  That was working until Paris-Ivy decided she had to get in the act.
 Ivy wanted to make sure there were no salmon cookie crumbs on Dempsey's muzzle, don't ya know!

But we prevailed ... and here is Santa Dempsey!

Next up:  my grand-dog, Josie.  She wasn't having any of this.  None. Of. It.  I only got one decent photo of Santa Josie ... and this is it.

By this time, I was getting really tired of Santa hats (and so were the dogs).  I decided to try something different!  Let's put Ivy in some reindeer antlers ... brilliant, right?
This is not exactly what I'd call enthusiasm from Reindeer Ivy!  ☺

One last chance for a great holiday photo ... Santa Olly, you're up!
I have to tell you ... when Olly's flews are puffed out a little (just like in the photo), that means he's ready to complain about something.  LOL!  

While my models were not exactly filled with holiday spirit ... we still wish you a glorious Season and a super New Year!


  1. Great pictures, Maryann - in spite of the fact that the dogs were just not in the holiday mood :-).

  2. Love them! The photos are great!
    Heather with Annie Grace, brindle girlie, in Central PA

  3. LoL mine wouldn't even leave a Santa hat on long enough to get a picture! Great job, Maryann! I really like Olly's picture

  4. Oh Maryann, the pictures are great!!! Olly looks so much like Mikki that it gave my heart a big tug! Miss my big ol' brown baby!

  5. Oh, Maryann, the pictures are great! Olly looks so much like Mikki it gave my heart a big tug! Miss my big ol' brown baby!

  6. I laughed at every pic, how very very boxer! Each and every one of them. When I got to Olly, nearly fell off my chair. Everyone with a boxer knows exactly where he was going next. LOL. It has rained for what seems like years here, no outdoor photo ops until spring I guess and indoors it is hard to hold their attention well. Donna in WestOR

  7. They're wonderful. Pauline in Ohio.

  8. Very cute Maryann. The kids have a good sense of humor.

  9. Your pics and comments had me laughing. I feel for you. But you did a pretty darn good job, all things considered. I'm glad we all got to see them.
    - Chris Hamric, San Diego, CA

  10. Your pictures and comments made me laugh. Thanks for sharing.


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