Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Obedience Class

During this competition obedience class, I took a camera instead of a dog. ☺  Here are just a few of the dogs learning and having fun.

Fiona is a Belgian Tervuren heading in for the recall.

Roxz is a Westie ... going as fast as those little legs will move!

Hunter is also a Tervuren who absolutely loves to run!

Here's another shot of Hunter ... that's pure joy on his face. ☺

Martin is a Belgian Malinois who loves his leather glove.  How much??? You'll see!

See what I mean? Martin will jump to any height to grab that glove!

Fiona is working on the proper heeling position.

Pebbles is another Westie ... just look at the attention she gives her handler.

Roxz knows what she's supposed to do, too ...

And so does Martin.  Don't forget: his payoff is that glove. ☺

Hunter is a good boy during the long sit.

Martin is holding his sit while his handler walks around the ring.

How can you resist Roxz's little face?

Fiona poses while in her long sit.

Okay, Pebbles ... you can lick your nose, but you can't move!

Our dogs always have fun at obedience class ... and so do we!

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