Saturday, July 6, 2013

The White Tornadoes strike again!

Dog-sitting my grand-dogs, Dempsey and Josie, is a fun adventure.  Because ... what's better than two Boxers?  FOUR Boxers!  Olly, the lone brindle, gets into the action for a little while but then he chooses to officiate rather than rumble.  He is the most sensible of the four. ☺

Here's one round of White Tornado play.  It's too hot in Phoenix right now to let them play for a long time so their rumble sessions are usually restricted to just a few minutes.  And we always hope for cloud cover.

The green squeaky toy is always a favorite!  Paris-Ivy and Josie usually manage to kill one a day.

These Boxer girlies take the game seriously! 

When they get tired of the toy game, the chase is on and Dempsey gets into the act.

Boxers are muscular, athletic dogs ... and their play is usually a barnstorming session.

Hmmm ... I wonder if Dempsey knows what's about to happen!

When all else fails, let's play "Ring Around the Olly!"

This play session lasted about ten minutes ... then it was inside to get some water, cool off, take a snooze, and get ready for the next one. ☺


  1. LoL I just love watching the kids running around ~ brings back memories of Emily & Lou and then Ella and Lou! The look on Olly's face is one of those priceless moments!

  2. Great pictures, Maryann. Love the white tornadoes theme - LOL. Olly looks thoroughly disgusted in that last picture.

  3. Yes, Olly is disgusted ... I'm sure I've actually seen him roll his eyes. LOL!

  4. Wow, what great pictures you got of these wonderful dogs!
    Marilyn Benoit

  5. Love the pictures!! Can't believe all the white boxers lol Looks like Josie has the famous 'black spots' peeking through her white fur. Zoe has more and more of those showing up everyday, even at 11 years old.

    Jessie, Zoe, & Caddie in MI

  6. These pictures are awesome, Maryann. Dale is smiling down from above looking at them. Poor Ollie looks lost, LOL.
    I love to see them all at play. Your photography is improving all the time.

    Bev and the kids

  7. Those are great action photos! Love Olly's expression in the last one.


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