Saturday, May 25, 2013

Color in the Desert

Sometimes I amaze myself.  I moved back to the Valley of the Sun thirty years ago but have never visited the Desert Botanical Garden!  Today, I did ... with camera in hand.  And you can bet I will be visiting again.

Sometimes it's easy to overlook the beauty of the desert, especially when the temperature is a scorching 112 degrees and everything fades into a brown, drab scene.  Today, though, the landscape was like a Rubens painting.  Here is a very small collection of what I call "Color in the Desert."

I so enjoyed my visit today, wandering the trails and stopping to actually pay attention to my surroundings.  You really should stop and smell the roses.  ☺


  1. Beautiful pictures, Maryann. Thank you for sharing them.

  2. Beautiful pics of a beautiful place.

  3. So different than the Iowa landscapes I am used to!

  4. Excellent! It is good to go there alone, sometimes, just to take the time to notice the beauty without the distraction of conversation with people.

  5. Beautiful images....It's good to go there alone, isn't have the freedom to notice the subtle and not so subtle beauty.

  6. The top flower is Gaillardia, called Indian Blanket. I don't recall the proper name of the last one, but it's called Indian Hat. The second is a Mimosa, also called sensitive plant. If you gently tough the leaves, they'll close up.
    I don't know much about cacti, but they are certainly lovely!


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