Wednesday, May 29, 2013

All creatures small and speedy ...

I'm going to have to work on my critter photography - especially the little, fast-moving guys!  These photos were taken at the Desert Botanical Garden and the fact that I even got the shots at all was a matter of luck!

I nearly missed this young jackrabbit because he blends right into the background.  Right after I snapped the shutter, he was GONE - speedy little guy!

Mama Quail is out and about ... very aware and watching for something. So ... I wondered what was going on!

Ah ... here it is!  Mama is taking her babies out for a stroll ... and they are so little!

This covey of quail amounted to two adults and about nine babies ... but those babies were movin' and groovin' the whole time and I couldn't get all of them!

Another fast mover ... this gorgeous butterfly!  The butterflies weren't very plentiful the day I visited so I was really excited to see a few.

Now this is a bird's eye view ... high atop a giant old majestic saguaro.

We all know hummers are fast, but now I know how fast! I got dizzy trying to keep one in the viewfinder!  I never dreamed I'd get a shot of this cutie - and the rest of my hummer shots were total blurs.

Here's another pair I almost missed.  These lizards were way back under the shrubs - actually too far for the lens I had to capture them well.  Right after I took the shot, they got into a fight and ran off in different directions!

Isn't it amazing what you can find in the desert?


  1. Beautiful pictures, and I know Dale is smiling.

  2. Karen, Dale is the person who really got me started ... so, yes, I think he is pleased. ☺

  3. YUP ... they are excellent. I saw a covey of baby quail last week and just could not photograph them. Congratulations.

  4. On the humming bird photo there is a blossom that looks like a humming bird itself. If you start from the top left and move to the right it's the one that's closest to the top just to the right of the stem. Nice white winged dove too. In Ohio the only wild pigeon we have is the mourning dove.


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