Sunday, October 5, 2014

Cooper joins the pack!

Thanks to a very special Boxer rescue - S.M. Rescue - a third Boxer joins the Watkins Pack!  And, today, Paris-Ivy meets the new guy.  His name is Cooper.

"Hey, Mom ... just who is this ... or ... what is this?"

Cooper, being a well-bred Boxer with good puppy training, allows Paris-Ivy to investigate the way doggies do.

"Okay, this Boxer guy sure is quiet!  Maybe I can get a bit closer."

 "I think he likes me!"

"Yep ... he's a Boxer.  He can stay."

Paris-Ivy and Cooper are now getting to know each other and they will probably have more adventures to share.  :)


  1. What a beautiful new addition! That's quite a work of art!

  2. What a great new addition to the family!!

    Jessie in cold MI

  3. So cute, but I think Silver is a more fitting name for him than Cooper lol.

  4. Christy, Cooper is his official name so I figured I should leave it alone. But Silver ... that's a GREAT idea!

  5. Very cute - where did you get him??

  6. Impressive stand-stay on this cutie!

  7. He is beautiful. Who bred this boy?


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