Sunday, January 19, 2014

Paris-Ivy's BUBBLES!

What do you suppose happens when you introduce a feisty little Boxer girlie to some bubbles for the first time?  It's a tad bit difficult to blow the bubbles and then take the photos, but ... it can be done!

At first, Paris-Ivy just watched the bubbles float down to the ground.  Of course, she was pretty curious.

Wow ... this is getting interesting!

Hmmm ... I wonder what these things feel like ...

Okay, is it just going to sit there?


Paris-Ivy was not happy when I put the bubbles away.  I think she's already plotting her strategy for the next time. ☺


  1. Love the pictures Maryann! Try a bubble machine, endless hours of play and no hot air needed!

  2. LOL....My crew loves them too but if they catch too many they want the taste off their tongues! Cute shots!

  3. Love the pics and her Ivy's expressions lol Zoe & Caddie LOVE bubbles and can't get enough of them lol

    Jessie, Zoe, and Caddie in coooold MI

  4. Excellent photos! Love the expression on Paris Ivy's face!

  5. Awesome pictures.

  6. Great shots Marianne. And you didn't even get bubbles on the lens.

  7. What fun! You did a great job even without an assistant. Maybe I'll assist and we can get bunches of bubbles around her.

    I like the duck in your header.

  8. These are excellent … and fun. You did a great job even without and an assistant. Maybe I'll assist the next time and we can fill the sky with bubbles around her.


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