Saturday, December 28, 2013

Paris-Ivy's new toy!

Santa was very good to my Boxers this year, and Paris-Ivy is thrilled beyond belief!  Bully sticks, nice bones, and .... new TOYS!!  Ivy names her toys (yes, she does) and this one is Purple. Okay ... not very creative, but it works!

It seems Purple is trying to escape ...

Gotta hand it to Paris-Ivy ... when she wants to focus, she certainly can!

"You are MINE, Purple ... all MINE!"

She looks so proud, doesn't she?  ☺

"Okay, Mom, here's Purple ... want to throw him again for me?"


  1. Ivy,

    You are so funny and cute ;) Looks like Santa was good to you this year!!

    Jessie, Zoe, and Caddie in MI

  2. Love the photos of Ivy and "purple". She is such a doll.

  3. Is that grass stain on her hiney in the first photo?

  4. Yes, Cathy ... that IS a grass stain in the top photo! She was racing around the yard after Purple, slipped and slid! LOL!


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