Wednesday, September 4, 2013

More Butterflies ...

I could spend hours at Butterfly Wonderland.  In fact, I already have!  I've made two visits thus far and intend to go back for sure.  The conservatory is a delight ... a serene environment in which to watch:  butterflies as they go about living their short lives, children smiling with wonder as one of these critters lands on a hand or hair, photographers trying to get the definitive shot.

I've shared many of my photos on Facebook, but here are some of the others that didn't make the "Facebook cut."  

These butterflies are emerging.  In a short while, they will be ready to join the others in the conservatory. 

This colorful beauty is almost ready to leave the "nest," too!

While in the conservatory, you really have to watch where you step because butterflies like to hang out on the ground.

Perhaps this gorgeous creature was trying to blend into the rock?

The colors in the conservatory are breathtaking.

In fact, sometimes the surrounding color can overshadow the butterfly ... so let's take a look at this fella without the other colors.

If you need to get away from the everyday stresses of life, head to Butterfly Wonderland.  The beauty alone will replenish your spirit.


  1. Those are just beautiful! What magnificent coloring.

  2. Your butterfly pix are amazing. I was ready to pick a favorite, but then got lost in them all. But the headshot, the B&W background with the color butterfly, and more. Really great!!

  3. Maryann,
    Those are some of the most beautiful photos I have ever seen of butterflies! I also love the duck photo at the top of the page. The dimension, depth and richness of color is amazing! Thank you for sharing on the BML!
    Heather Hugar

  4. I love your photographs. They show the true beauty of the world and creatures around us. They are beautiful. Thankyou for sharing them.


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