Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Olly & the White Tornadoes

When my grand-dogs Dempsey and Josie visit, I can usually get some action shots of them playing with Paris-Ivy.  People always ask, "WHERE was Olly?  Why wasn't he in the photos?"  Well, Olly tends to hang back while the White Tornadoes are going nuts.  He raises his eyebrows in disgust, refusing to join the fray.  This time, however, he decided to show the youngsters what it's all about.

You really want me to play, Josie?  Really?

Double-teaming me now, huh?  Okay ... you guys asked for it!

This is my signature move, the UP AND OVER, which I shall now demonstrate .............  UP!

AND ...


Yeah, baby!  Olly ... the undisputed Head Dog and his White Tornado Minions!


  1. I love that last one! What's next for Olly? World domination?

  2. These are the best Boxer play pix I have seen since our dear Dale departed. Many thanx!
    Gorgeous dogs!
    Marilyn Benoit

  3. Go Olly! So nice to see pics of your dogs and grand-dogs Maryann! Olly looks like he was thoroughly enjoying play time.

    April and Ruby

  4. Nice to see Olly engaging with the White Tornadoes haha

    Jessie, Zoe, and Caddie in MI

  5. Love those White's! Even though I have moved on to a B&W and a Brindle, since mine moved on to the Rainbow Bridge, nothing will ever replace the White's. But to me and in reality, as long as they are Boxers, gotta love them all, no matter their coat. I love seeing Boxer's play, nothing like it in the world to me.

  6. Love Love Love the last picture....It says it all!!!!

  7. You really got some excellent shots!


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